A Live Destination         

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Live Destination Album Cover
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Live performance of music from
the album "Destiny"

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Peter Matuchniak:    Guitar, Vocals
Steve Bonino:   Bass, Steel Guitar, Vocals
Scott Connor:   Drums, Vocals
Alyssa Matuchniak:   Vocals, Keyboards
Paul Mouradjian:   Keyboards
JoJo Nakano:   Sax
Ted Zahn:   Vocals, Bass, Keys

Includes the Songs:

1. London Vibe 9. Tunnel
2. Lionhearted Betrayed 10. Go Fast
3. Sandcastles 11. Go Slow
4. Across the Pond 12. Island
5. Destiny 13. Reprisal
6. Product 14. Chaos
7. Spies 15. Victory
8. Oyster Club 16. Landscape Burning

Published by Peter Matuchniak Music

Song Credits: Peter Matuchniak*

(*except 6, 9, 14 by Peter Matuchniak, Steve Bonino, Paul Mouradjian, Scott Connor)