The Most Beautiful Feeling

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The Most Beautiful Feeling Album Cover
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An all-new Steve Bonino release
from PeacockSunrise Records with songs
to calm the soul and lift your spirits

Includes the Songs:

1. A Song for Everyone 7. Put Out the Flame
2. Superman (George Reeves 1914 – 1959) 8. We Are Gonna Be All Right
3. The Day the World Stopped 9. Ready to Learn
4. Colors of You 10. Random Acts of Kindness
5. Instrumental 11. Why
6. The Most Beautiful Feeling 12. Reaper's Call

All songs, performances, mixing,
mastering and production: Steve Bonino
Vocal engineer for A Song For Everyone: Peter Matuchniak

All songs © 2020 – Steve Bonino (BMI)
© ℗ 2020, Steve Bonino - (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.