Peace Rocks

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Peace Rocks Album Cover
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The long-awaited debut album
by Steve Bonino!

Album credits:

1. Peace March – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
2. Wake Up Call – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
3. GodSexMoney – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
4. Construction – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
5. Personal Revolution – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
6. Dyin For Love – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
7. Rose Colored Glasses – (mixed by Reggie Ashley)
8. Big Brother – (mixed by Matt Waldrum)
9. True North – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
10. Will The World Mourn? – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
11. Paradise Lost – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
12. Peace, Love, Truth And Understanding – (mixed by Steve Bonino)

All songs mastered by Armando Cepeda


Steve Bonino:    Vocals (all)
Bass (all except 1)
Electric and Acoustic Guitars (all)
Keyboards (2,4,5,10,12)
Drum Programming (12)
Pascale Elia:   Vocals (5,6)
Greg Hilfman:   Keyboards and piano solo (4)
Jimmy Keegan:   Drums (1,2,5,6,8,9,11)
Vocals (1,5,6,11)
Keyboards (1,8)
Mike Lewis:   Drums (3,4,10)
Dave Meros:   Bass (1)
Ryo Okumoto:   Keyboards and Keyboard Solo (5)
Matt Waldrum:   Electric Guitar (8)

all songs © 2012 – Steve Bonino (BMI)
except "Construction" © Bonino/ Swanson/ Hilfman
All rights reserved