Stargazer 2

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Stargazer 2 Album Cover
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The follow-up to Steve Bonino's
Stargazer album finds the new inhabitants
of Proxima b learning more about their
new world . . . and themselves.

Includes the Songs:

1. The Grand Finale 7. Broken Record
2. Under the Dome 8. Hyperspeed Overdrive
3. The Dark Light Divide 9. Codex
4. So Familiar 10. The Ancient Sumarian
5. City Out Of Time 11. Fear
6. Alien Progeny   


Steve Bonino:    Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Drum Programming
Peter Matuchniak:   Lead Guitar on 'The Dark Light Divide', 'City Out of Time'
and 'Fear'
Mike Lewis:   Drums on 'The Grand Finale' and 'The Ancient Sumarian'
Jimmy Keegan:   Drums on 'The Dark Light Divide'
Marco Minnemann:   Drums on 'Hyperspeed Overdrive'
Seth Romano:   Backing Vocals on 'The Grand Finale'
Erik Johnson:   Rhythm Guitar on 'City Out Of Time'

All songs Written, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Steve Bonino
Except 'The Grand Finale' and 'The Ancient Sumarian' mixed by
Johnathan Gazvoda and Steve Bonino

All songs © 2019 – Steve Bonino (BMI)
© ℗ 2019, Steve Bonino - (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.