Trouble Town — Zabocus

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Trouble Town Album Cover
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The second of a three album release
of the musical stage play Trouble Town.

Includes the Songs:

1. Trouble Town 7. Where Are You Going?
2. All Out of Pain 8. Math and Science
3. Good Man Down 9. Jake's Eureka Moment
4. Ride It Out 10. Brand New Day
5. No College For Chester 11. Chester's Eureka Moment
6. Decide


Ted Zahn:   Vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, drum programming
Steve Bonino:    Vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, drum programming
Laura Green:   Vocals

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Cast Members:

Steve Bonino:    Chester and townsfolk
Ted Zahn:   John, Uncle Jake and townsfolk
Laura Green:   Mary and townsfolk

All original compositions: Zahn / Bonino
Story concept; all original music and lyrics: Zahn / Bonino
© Ted Zahn, Steve Bonino 2018. All Rights Reserved.