Peace Rocks

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Peace Rocks Album Cover
Peace Rocks - Steve Bonino

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The long-awaited debut album
by Steve Bonino!

Album credits:

1. Peace March – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
2. Wake Up Call – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
3. GodSexMoney – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
4. Construction – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
5. Personal Revolution – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
6. Dyin For Love – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
7. Rose Colored Glasses – (mixed by Reggie Ashley)
8. Big Brother – (mixed by Matt Waldrum)
9. True North – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
10. Will The World Mourn? – (mixed by Armando Cepeda)
11. Paradise Lost – (mixed by Jimmy Keegan)
12. Peace, Love, Truth And Understanding – (mixed by Steve Bonino)

All songs mastered by Armando Cepeda


Steve Bonino:    Vocals (all)
Bass (all except 1)
Electric and Acoustic Guitars (all)
Keyboards (2,4,5,10,12)
Drum Programming (12)
Pascale Elia:   Vocals (5,6)
Greg Hilfman:   Keyboards and piano solo (4)
Jimmy Keegan:   Drums (1,2,5,6,8,9,11)
Vocals (1,5,6,11)
Keyboards (1,8)
Mike Lewis:   Drums (3,4,10)
Dave Meros:   Bass (1)
Ryo Okumoto:   Keyboards and Keyboard Solo (5)
Matt Waldrum:   Electric Guitar (8)

all songs © 2012 – Steve Bonino (BMI)
except "Construction" © Bonino/ Swanson/ Hilfman
All rights reserved

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Peace Rocks Sessions Album Cover
The Peace Rocks Sessions - Steve Bonino

"THE PEACE ROCKS SESSIONS" is an album recorded between 2005 and 2012 during the same sessions as "Peace Rocks".  It shares the same lyric themes of peace, love, hapiness and personal choices.  Musically, while "Peace Rocks" is an album of progressive art rock songs, "The Peace Rocks Sessions" album is pure pop rock and incorporates a lot of the sounds of the 60's the subject matter suggests.  I do feel these two albums together reflect the inspiration I was feeling during this very creative period in my life.  One follows ones muse wherever it leads!

Includes the songs:

1. Feel Good Now
2. Peace Rocks
3. Intelligent Life
4. You Rock My World
5. Peace Sign
6. It's Time
7. Peace On Earth
8. The Only Hope Is Love
9. Weather Man
10. Happy Place
11. Come Out And Play
12. Today


Steve Bonino:    Vocals (all)
Drum Programming
Jimmy Keegan:   Drums on You Rock My World

Album mixed, mastered and produced by Steve Bonino

© 2013 – Steve Bonino (BMI)
All rights reserved

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Psychedelic Barbarella - Single - Steve Bonino

The single
Psychedelic Barbarella
and Bringin' It

Psychedelic Barbarella Cover

Psychedelic Barbarella Credits:

Steve Bonino:    Vocals
Rhythm Guitar
Erik Johnson:    Guitar Solos
Rhythm Guitar
Backing Vocals
Jimmy Keegan:    Drums
Backing Vocals

Mixed by Jimmy Keegan
© 1995 – Wayy / Wayy / Bonino / Waldrum

Bringin' It Credits:

Steve Bonino:   All Performances and Mix

© 1995 – Wayy / Wayy / Bonino / Waldrum